Move Middle Performers to Top Performers

Sputnik-3 Sputnik-3 works with businesses and entrepreneurs to transform the performance of their companies and achieve remarkable success in the areas of revenue growth and customer service.Our three core competencies are embodied in the implementation, training and coaching of;


(1) Altify deep sales methodologies,

(2) customer facing intelligent software by Pipedrive, Alitfy and,

(3) revenue growth strategy formulation & implementation


Shorten Your Sales Cycle by 26%, Increase Your Win Rate by 71%.
Accelerate Sales Velocity · Improve Sales Performance · Sales Methodology Tool · Strategic Selling.


Apr 13, 2016 — The TAS Group, the global leader in sales transformation, today announced it is now Altify, a name that reflects the company’s focus on helping its customers achieve their highest goals.


Altify believes customer success shouldn’t just be measured in transactions, but in the lifetime and network value of each business relationship. Altify guides organizations to create value through the sales experience and make every connection between business buyers and sellers a win-win outcome.

Leveraging its 30 years of sales knowledge and cloud software, Altify’s newest innovation provides its customers with Altify Max, the first Augmented Intelligence Platform for Sales. Salesforce is more than just a single product – it’s a complete integrated solution for managing all interactions with your customers and prospects, designed to help your organisation grow and succeed.

Give reps the power of automation and artificial intelligence:
Make CRM data work harder for reps. Sales Cloud Einstein is artificial intelligence that learns what separates deals won from deals lost, and highlights top leads and next steps.


Close more deals, faster:

Track all your customer information and interactions in one place, anywhere. Best practices and in-line intelligence help move deals along faster.


Make insightful decisions with up-to-date data:

With Salesforce, information is in one place so it’s easy to prioritise and make quick decisions. And do it all from any device — a laptop, a phone, you name it.


Get more leads and make them sales-ready:

Nurture leads so they’re ready to convert, then automatically route them to the right reps at the right time. Track the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, easily.
Pipedrive Certified Affiliate  

We help salespeople focus on actions that close deals:

Pipedrive is a sales management tool designed to help small sales teams manage intricate or lengthy sales processes.


Back in 2010, two of our co-founders, both seasoned sales managers, realized that the CRM landscape was populated by software designed to please the top brass while ignoring the needs of the people doing the actual selling.


So they partnered with talented developers to create a CRM that puts the needs of salespeople first. Grounded in the philosophy of activity-based selling, the result is Pipedrive, a tool now used by over 50,000 companies around the world.

vtiger CRM Sell, Market, and Support Exceptionally with Vtiger CRM:
The All in one CRM that creates engaging experiences along your entire customer journey, this is software that helps you create and automate a better customer journey.Integrate with the software you use.Mobile apps for managing your customers while on-the-go.Loved by more than 100,000 businesses. 

Open Source and in the Cloud.

 The Leadership Circle Leaders today must balance a complex mindset that matches the complexity of their business realities. Developing leaders at this pace of change isn’t easy.

For leadership to be a competitive advantage, organizations must begin to see the effectiveness of their current leadership as strategically central to its future. Not an HR-or staff-driven effort, this is a strategic imperative, the job of the executive suite. Is leadership in your organization developing at the pace of change? At the rate of increasing complexity?


The Leadership Circle offers breakthrough tools and support technologies used by Human Resource and OD professionals as well as independent consultants and coaches for use with their client organizations. The dynamic nature of leadership development requires that we consistently refine our tools, update our technology, and lend strong support to our growing community of independent certified Leadership Circle consultants and coaches. By helping them to help others, we can ensure that the client organization enjoys outcomes that consistently exceed their expectations. In today’s business world, every company is different. The individual needs and elements  of your company are what make you unique.

Callidcloud Marketing Automation LeadRocket helps you align sales and marketing, automate key marketing processes, and accelerate sales. Our marketing automation software is simple, intuitive, and complete, offering out-of-the-box features that deliver personalized engagement, marketing efficiency, sales acceleration, and enterprise readiness.


Through years of experience and success, our vision has manifested into the Lead to Money suite. It allows sales, marketing, finance, HR, and legal professionals to work together to make every stage of the sales cycle better.


Seven of the top 10 high tech and insurance companies and six of the top 10 telcos rely on CallidusCloud to close more deals, for more money, faster.


Track your leads and anonymous website visitors:

Identify your website visitors and intelligently analyze their interests and readiness to engage.


Coordinate marketing activities with your partners:

Share preapproved messaging and brand assets that partners can personalize in their outreach.

Team Forward Just over a year ago, O2C, a division of Team Forward, embarked on some in house research in the field of Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality and its future applications. With a keen interest in business development and technology, it was natural to look forward and find practical applications to develop more effective and efficient business practices using these emerging technologies.


It’s a complex landscape with several lines of thinking, a growing range of Smart Wearable Technology, growing range software solutions and many potential applications.


In the simplest application of smart glasses, a technician wearing Smart Glasses can stream, in real time, what they see and hear to a subject matter expert watching on a computer screen from anywhere in the world. The real benefits of AR in improving the versatility of the workforce come into play when it’s combined with other emerging technologies, bringing digital workflows, measurability, and transparency to an entire operational process.