Account Manager

Maximize revenue from strategic accounts. Make account planning a core part of your company’s DNA.


Account Plan DetailImprove Sales Productivity

Setting up an Account Plan is quick and easy with Altify Account Manager. Record your research and collaborate on building new information on account relationships and alignment. Built-in guidance helps you develop and monitor your Account Plan.


Prioritize Your AccountsAccount Objectives

Classify your accounts and priortize where in the account you want to focus. With Account Manager’s configurable scoring system, you can target the areas of the customer’s business with the greatest potential.


Identify Opportunities in Your Accounts

Opportunity MapBuild comprehensive, visual pictures of key accounts so you can spot opportunities to create value and identify gaps in coverage that you can address.


Strategy MapAlign Your Selling with Your Buyer’s Motivations

Visualize your customer’s business drivers, initiatives, and criticial success factors. Understand and confirm their business issues to create customer-focused solutions that deepen the value you provide.


Political MapNavigate Your Buyer’s Organization

Identify the decision makers and their influencers, and determine who is on your side and who might be an adversary. Focus your attention on winning the minds of the right people and ultimately shorten your sales cycle.


Opportunity Segmentation

Get the Most Value from Each Opportunity

Perform analysis, prioritize, rank the order of opportunities, and select the opportunities with the most value to you and your customers. With Account Manager’s configurable scoring system, you can easily decide which opportunities are worth pursuing.


ObjectivesDevelop and Execute on Account Plans

Identify the steps needed to achieve your plan. Account Manager provides an intelligent framework for execution of activities across the team, increasing alignment, communication and sales velocity.


vtiger CRM

#1 Open Source CRM Software


Are you a small business or entrepreneur that wants an all in one CRM that creates engaging experiences along your entire customer journey? Then vtiger Open Source is for you!


The open source edition is supported by a vibrant community of thousands of businesses, hundreds of thousands of users, and countless developers and partners that help shape its direction. That means that while its core functionality far surpasses that of alternatives, and it can be easily extended through the hundreds of plugins developed by professional Vtiger developers, and available on the extension marketplace. With all that, it’s no wonder that Vtiger’s free open source CRM ranks #1 in total downloads on SourceForge, at 4.5 million to date.


Low cost Cloud CRM Software

The Cloud edition has a number of support options offered by vtiger. If you want the full backing of the vendor, then the Cloud edition of vtiger is right for you


Whether you choose the Open Source or Cloud edition, Sputnik-3 will configure vtiger to transform your business into a selling machine by embedding best practice and methodology right into your CRM system!


Never lose track of your high priority deals, with an optimised sales pipeline

vtiger Opportunity Management


See deals that need your attention, with an at-a-glance view of the sales pipeline. This includes key information like days until a deal’s expected close date, and upcoming events. You can drag and drop deals to move them between stages, or click into a deal to explore it in more detail and engage.



vtiger Performance Graphs

Spot patterns in team and pipeline performance, with insightful pre-built analytics

The analytics dashboard shows you the current health of your organization. From there, you can switch to viewing team, rep activity, and pipeline analytics that reveal actionable trends and uncover opportunities for growth.



Dive deep into the data with custom reports and forecastsvtiger Forecasts

Build reports and forecasts in just a few clicks.


Forecasts automatically build from your open opportunities and let you to see best and worst case scenarios, so that you can plan more effectively. Meanwhile, reports let you analyze historical purchase, team performance, and other data to spot trends and identify new opportunities.