The Economic Justification Workshop


The Economic Justification workshop is a program for entrepreneurs and organisations that Economic Justificationrecognize the need to present detailed business cases that include key economic measures & justifications when proposing solutions to prospective clients.


Download: The Economics of Selling Complex Solutions presentation


By the end of the workshop, sellers will be able to:


  • – Identify the prospective customer’s business goals, initiatives and obstacles to
  •   success
  • – Highlight and quantify the solutions benefits
  • – Develop appropriate cost estimates
  • – Assess the risks and estimate their level of exposure
  • – Select the appropriate metrics
  • – Build cash flow projections
  • – Calculate the payback for the customer
  • – Present the business case


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Deal Evolution

By the end of the program, your organization will be structured to “Sell like the best of them”!


Velocity Jet

Your Account Teams will be aligned to execute in accordance with your overall business strategy, Account and Territory driven metrics and behaviours will be in place  to increase pipeline and close more deals, a sales focused reporting rhythm will drive collaboration in the business and your sales tools will be set up to the  support performance transformation you are about to go through.


The major elements of Account & Territory Planning that your Teams will become familiar with include: planning for success, segmenting for focus, “white space” analysis for prioritization, aligning with client strategy and political & competitive landscape management.


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Sales Performance Manager

Predict and manage sales success with intelligent and relevant revenue metrics that uncover actionable insights. Use simple visualization and applied smart analytics to view sales goal attainment, pipeline health, sales velocity, and complex sales forecasts.


Align, Motivate and Measure

ScorecardUse the Scorecard to Align, motivate and measure individual team members against Peer Group goals and award badges for good performance.  Compare individuals against goals, Peer Group averages, and Top Performers to identify coaching opportunities to improve performance.


Assess Pipeline Health

Pipeline HealthEstablish the true value of your pipeline.  Coach Stalled deals to progress and eliminate Inactive opportunities that are not being worked from each stage of the pipeline. Take action quickly on advanced deals that are at risk. Monitor pipeline growth trends and qualified leads that are not being followed up. Navigate directly to each deal to pursue action.


See What’s Changed in the Pipeline

What's Changed in Your PipelineLearn from the past to coach performance. Uncover what changed in the pipeline and gain insight into what really happened to opportunities in a given time period. Identify where deals are getting stuck in the pipeline and where mistakes have been made that moved late stage deals backwards. Better understanding leads to more effective coaching.


Optimize Sales Velocity

Deal VelocitySales velocity is dependent on win rate, sales cycle, number of deals won and average deal size for each rep or team.  Compare the sales cycle stage durations of won deals with lost deals. Discover the win/loss profile per stage, and the actual velocity of every sales opportunity by stage. Understand the impact of how much time each rep is spending in each stage of each opportunity. See how high performing reps compare to the rest of the team and gain insights to effectively coach to the level of your high performers.


Foresight Delivers More Accurate Forecasts

Pipeline ForesightImprove insight into sales forecasts to improve accuracy. Create your own Team Views to manage team forecasts, get Booking and Billing forecasts integrated with Salesforce revenue schedule, identify risks to large or inactive deals, and estimate deals that could be closed based on historical sales cycle trends.