What we do

As a Customer & Audience Relationship Management company, Newcharisma has the tools and services you need to grow your business


Growth Strategies

Growth Strategies


Failure to; change the game, break the cycle of doing what is not working, compete effectively, evolve marketing & branding and failure to sell enough are all signs that a business’ strategy is not on track.


Realigning the business strategy with where you really want to go, crafting a related vision, operational execution plan and Key Performance Indicators are some of the critical outcomes we seek in helping businesses change their current paradigm.


Our approach is focused on applying innovation to disrupt current business paradigms and look to areas such as cross pollination, engineering in growth, appling investment logic, uncovering hidden assets and mining areas of sub-optimisation.


Marketing Effectiveness

Marketing Enablement


Establishing a solid pipeline of high quality marketing qualified leads to hand off to sales, is imperative for the business that wants to grow. Underpinning a successful lead generation initiative is the understanding of your chosen market, the audiences you intend to approach, what the behaviours, needs & wants of those audiences are, and great storytelling!


We help businesses change their performance at the top end of their “sales pipeline” by using the most appropriate channels and messages to take their audience from awareness to being a great customer.


Our aim is to ensure that through effective marketing and automation, enough leads are provided for the business to achieve their stated revenue objectives.

Sales Effectiveness

Sales Effectiveness


Effective selling is about doing the right thing, at the right time, at the right place, over-and-over again.


We apply methodology and automation to effect performance improvements in areas such as forecasting, deal assessment, political spectrum management, customer strategy and competitive strategy to positively influence the Sales Velocity of a deal. Sales Velocity is one of the key measures we influence and speaks to; the number of deals in the pipleline, win rate, average deal size and average number of days to close a deal….all very important measures in successful selling.


At the end of the day, it’s not only making “the target” or “quota” that affects the sales team but also the credibility with which they execute their mandate in the business.